About Collectively

Collectively is your business growth community that harnesses the power of the collective to grow you and your business.

Our Community

We have an amazing community of business owners just like you.

They are passionate about growing their businesses and are actively seeking to grow themselves and their businesses.

When you’re part of Collectively you are in a business growth network who are as passionate about business as you are. You get access to a wealth of quality advice from a community of professionals who have been exactly where you are now.

You Don't Have To Do It Alone

There’s a business community with a wealth of quality advice waiting for you.

What Our Members Have To Say

I wholeheartedly recommend Collectively if you have a small business and are keen to contribute positively to a community. It’s a great group of genuine people who want to help each other succeed.

– Tamara Liebman –

Love the support that you get from the community & the access to great specialists, suppliers etc. And then there’s the training that they provide. I find that as a business I also get a lot of recommendations from the network.

– Debra Chantry –

I have grown and learnt a lot in my 5 years of business. The information and networking through Collectively has been invaluable. There is much information for the business owner to be successful through knowledge

– Heather Murphy –

I am amazed by how invested the members are in this group. Ask a question, and 9 times out of 10, you will get answers. There is no such thing as a dumb question (believe me – I have asked!!) and so as a business owner, it really is a fantastic resource. Great for all sized businesses – both big and small.

– Diane Hurford –

Who is Collectively?

We’re Collectively, and we exist to help kiwi business owners thrive in the face of unstoppable change.

We’ve created Collectively for growth focused business owners because it’s hard to run a business and even harder to grow it.

Collectively is an online business community that harnesses the power of the collective to grow your business.

We’re passionate about creating a world where businesses are shaping a better future for humanity.

Collectively was created by Candice and Colart who are building on Michelle Goulevitch’s vision to create a supportive business network which was originally founded as Network NZ in 2015.

Candice Baker

Managing Director

Candice Baker is a strategic thinker and passionate about seeing businesses succeed. Marketing is her calling and she loves harnessing the power of what marketing can do for business growth. 

Backed by a Bachelor of Business and Information Management with a second major in Marketing, she has worked with Kiwi startups, large international corporations and everything in between. She has the ability to easily identify areas of opportunity for businesses to grow and develop which helps empower business owners and members our community.

She is passionate about learning and is constantly expanding her skills and knowledge in wide variety of areas.

Colart Miles

Managing Director

Colart Miles is an experienced leader and mentor with a rich and interesting life history. Born and raised in Sub-Saharan Africa, Colart has witnessed many human extremes including a wide range of tragedies and triumphs. His firm belief in the immense potential that lays dormant in each of us drives his approach to life.

Colart is pursuing his passion for helping organizations to speed up innovation and to find new futures. Past clients include; Westpac, Adherium, Downer EDS, IXOM, Serato.com, NZME, Ooooby.com, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and Air New Zealand (Innovations and Ventures).

His career has spanned a variety of industries in Europe, the U.S. and New Zealand including; social media, broadcast television, entertainment, media (print & online), IT outsourcing, banking, insurance, financial services, oil and N.G.O.’s.

Colart’s approach to leadership is intensely personal, insightful, compassionate and highly productive. Working with Colart, expect to be inspired, challenged and energized!

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”
~ African Proverb

You Don't Have To Do It Alone

There's a business community with a wealth of quality advice waiting for you.