You Aren’t In This Alone…

These are uncertain waters we are treading.

No one can possibly know what the outcome will be for New Zealand and the business landscape at this time.

After all, none of us have experienced a nationwide lockdown before.

There will be a lot of questions floating around…

Where will my business be after lockdown? What if the lockdown stretches on? Will I still be operating in 6 months time?

These are scary questions to ask. And, you may not have the answers to them right now.

But, what you do have is support. You do not have to go this alone…


We Are All In This Together

Yes, it is true that you can’t really leave your house right now.

We are in “isolation”.

Let’s be honest… isolation is a horrible word! It makes it seem as if we are alone in this battle. Locked up in our “bubbles”, distanced from the world and everyone that we know.

But, in essence, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The lockdown has spawned some amazing things. People are making a point of connecting with each other. We are having conscious conversations and checking up on the people that matter the most to us.

Personally, I can’t remember that last time I spoke with my Mum on such a regular basis!

This lockdown is an excuse to connect and support each other through this journey. It is going to look different for each and every one of us. So, connection is the thing that pulls it all together and helps you navigate through.


Don’t Forget To Ask For Help

You know that feeling when you are able to help someone? Not just help your partner find their keys, or tying your little one’s shoelaces… but, really helping someone.

Getting to the root of their problem and giving them a really workable solution. It feels pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

You really feel like you have made an impact on their life and made their day a little bit easier.

So, why not give that opportunity to everyone else?

If you are struggling with anything, reach out and ask for help if you need it. Not only will you potentially get a solution to your issue, but you will make someone else’s day when you give them the opportunity to help you.

Plus, it gives you the chance to connect with someone in a real way. In these times, we should be connecting more than ever before for the sake of our own health and the health of our businesses.

One of the vital groups you should be connecting with is your experts. And you should be connecting with them as early as possible. Even though the current situation is a little weird, we all still need to follow the correct procedures and legalities. So, reach out to your HR people, your accountant, bookkeeper, legal counsel, marketing manager, VA, or anyone else that provides you with the solid advice you need.


To Pivot Or Not To Pivot?

There is a lot of advice around about pivoting your business to be useful in the current climate. To offer an online course or to take your offerings into the eCommerce space.

But, what can you do if you are unable to pivot?

There will be a large number of businesses out there that can’t take their businesses online. And this can be a concerning thought.

With rent and staff to pay, you might be wondering about the future of your business. Especially if the lockdown were to extend beyond the initial 4 week timeframe we have been given.

In this situation, it is OK to not be OK.

Times are tough and some businesses will not make it through this period. So, don’t bury your head in the sand and hope for the best. Take active steps to get the advice you need. It may even be that the best course of action for your business is to put it into hibernation for now.

If you are unsure where to turn, then touch base with the Collectively team. We have a vast network of experts that we can refer you to. They will be able to help you decide the best course of action for your individual situation.


Keeping Your Head In The Right Place

It can be incredibly difficult to watch someone else’s business take off as a result of the current situation when you feel like yours is floundering.

It can also be hard to find the motivation to continue when the world is such a different place. You might be having to work from a different environment. There are possibly more people in your space than you are used to… and then there are the kids to contend with.

It is enough to mess with anyone’s mindset. 

But, if we know anything about business, falling into a black hole is not going to be productive for anyone. If you feel yourself teetering towards this, then reach out.

We are currently offering our free Collectively Business Clinics and have a panel of expert mentors who can help you organise your thoughts and take some steps forward.


What Will We See In The Coming Months?

As we have already mentioned, some businesses will probably not survive this period. And the ones that do, may look completely different.

Business owners will need to be stronger in their thought process during these times. We will all need to take conscious and consistent action to come out the other side. Especially as this period of limbo is likely to extend beyond 4 weeks.

We will also see a surge in online deliveries as businesses shift to web channels for sales. Even if you do not sell directly from your website, now could be a great time to make sure yours is up to scratch in terms of content and functionality.


The Next Steps

We are in a turbulent moment in time. The business community is currently in a mass grieving period – we are letting go of what was before and are caught in a maelstrom, unsure where we might land.

We don’t have to put a brave face on and pretend that everything is going to be alright. Talk it out with the people that are in your network of support – your mental health will thank you for it.


The pearls of wisdom in this article came straight from the mouths of our Collectively Mentors. We met (via Zoom of course!) on the morning of March 31st to chat about what we can do to help you all in these unprecedented times.


Here’s our team of Collectively Mentors, who you can gain access to inside Venture Club Membership

We know that one person cannot have every answer to the struggles we are all facing, but Collectively we can get through it together.

Please, don’t hesitate to reach out and do us the honour of letting us help you!

If you’re not already part of it, join our free business community on Facebook, we’d love to support you. 


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