If you're not engaging, nurturing and retaining customers with your digital strategy, you need our help.


Are you facing one or all of these challenges?


You know your customers, you have their data, but don’t know where each one is at, and how to nurture them.


You have the digital and social channels – but it’s pretty ad hoc and the ROI is often hard to see.


You want a smooth customer journey, but the setup and implementation are too hard or too time-consuming.


You have a motivated team but there are still gaps in your skillset. Or you haven’t been able to clone yourself yet!

If it's yes, then we can help.

Our Services

Digital Strategy

Find audiences, nurture them through the journey from awareness to advocacy. We map that journey, set the milestones, and build the strategy so that all of your digital and social marketing work together.

Automated Marketing

Personalised conversations with your customers are the key to success. Whether through email, messenger, or social conversations, we can help create an automated process to execute your new strategy.

Consultancy and Training

Don't know what your problem is yet? A discovery session can identify key pain points. We can offer any of our solutions, or offer direct training and upskilling to your team so you can fix it yourself.

The Conversologist Lab

A capability-sharing community to achieve long-term marketing gains. Adapt in an ever-changing digital landscape with like-minded people who support each other. A gamified way to upskill, pick brains and get things done.

Our Partnerships

We've partnered with the best of breed SaaS companies that can scale as your business grows.

Hootsuite - We are the first and only NZ Digital Services Partner and help in social media strategy, training and onboarding of their platform within the enterprise space.

ActiveCampaign - We map out digital customer journeys, automate workflows and integrate with other digital tools to segment your customers, nurture and retain them.

ManyChat - We focus on designing conversations that your customers experience. It's not all tech. Anyone can build simple chatbots, but we build the brand, personality and flows to make a better experience.


Effective digital conversations are both art and science. At Conversologie, we combine the two for results-driven strategies. 


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