Every company has a story, and InvestaMatch is no different.


A solution-based idea that came about from everyday personal experience, and the thinking… “surely, there must be a better way.” The vision began in stunning Otago and developed locally in our great small city, Dunedin.


InvestaMatch is a membership platform, matching business opportunities with investors.  It offers the connection with likeminded people in the community who wish to add value to a concept, product, or service and, It’s about MORE than money…


Investamatch is not a transactional platform, and we do not broker deals. However, advisors join InvestaMatch to assist their clients.


All companies have a life cycle. They start, grow, and evolve. Business owners also have a life cycle and eventually retire. There are several reasons why people list opportunities or become an investor.


Many businesses are at the start-up stage or have evolved and looking to action that next step in a business plan. Sort out that, “where to next” that has been sitting in the too hard basket, for too long. Even promote that idea that has been a long time in the making and look to realise a dream.


Everyday people in the community have retired, own a business, or just simply mum and dad, and have reasons for being an investor. They may be looking to fill that gap to be part of a growing opportunity, make their investment dollar go further, or because, it just makes good business sense. Any Investor has needed skills, advice, time, or funds, and looking for an opportunity to use them.


An investor can be public or private on InvestaMatch.


If you wish to become an investor, advisor or list an opportunity to launch an innovative idea, expand your business, form a partnership, require a mentor, looking to retire but do not have a succession plan, or merely seek funding.



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it’s about more than money

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